The wonders of Troy Shares

At first glance, Troy Shares is about exchanging time.  If I help someone for an hour, then someone will help me for an hour.  Troy Shares is that, but it is also so much more. 

Troy Shares is about strengthening communities.  It's about shifting from a situation in which neighbors are strangers, wary of each other, to a situation in which neighbors help each other.  It's about shifting from feeling like we have to do it all ourselves to opening ourselves up to receiving help. 

Not everything has to be an exchange.  Sometimes people connect in ways that are mutually beneficial.  For example, Troy Shares can be used to find exercise partners.  

 I used to think that I could only buy furniture or other objects if they were small and light enough that I could singlehandedly carry them up the stairs to my apartment.  Now I don't have to carry things singlehandedly. 

Is there some little thing you do that you enjoy and are good at? Well Troy Shares will match you up to the people who value that skill, who will pay you Troy Shares hours for doing that thing that you enjoy doing.  That has been the best thing for me, finding that the things that I just do naturally, because that's what I like to do, are things that can be useful to other people and are valued by other people.

People will pay you Troy Shares hours for doing things you love to do, and then you can spend those Troy Shares hours on finding someone who loves to do that chore that you hate to do. 

The goal of Troy Shares is that when we pool our efforts instead of going it alone, everyone's gifts will be appreciated, everyone's needs will be met, and in the process, the bonds of community will be strengthened.