Requests for assistance

As many of you know, I have amassed a small fortune in time-bank bucks.  The value of these to the community is less if they are not passed on to create flow of wealth. To help in that process, I am developing a series of calls for folks to grab time. Here is a list of things for which I need assistance .  I need assitance organizing and finishing my attic. This is an incomplete attic. Insulation needs placing. Electric outlets need placing. flooring in some areas.  Big project.  But ,we can do bit by bit to reclaim this lost space.I need assistance in learning to make filters for my facebook friends list.  A problem with having so many contacts is that you don't have access to all of them all of the time in regards to sending invites.  I need to create a specific list for locals, and a few other headings. I need to make business cards for my marriage officiation and rites of passage role. I need help building a keyhole garden in my yard.  I'd like to get the building done before the snow falls. I need help replacing the gutters to the home. This is an ASAP request. I need electrical work done on some switches in the home which have gone faulty. If you are interested in any of these projects please email at rev [dot] timothylake [at] gmail [dot] com