Oakwood Kitchen Make-over

Hi All,

This Saturday is the day. If you were going to cook in this kitchen, how to make it work for YOU! But first, it's heave -ho to useless stuff and redundant items (who needs three punch bowl sets?), and there's a bunch of church stuff that needs to be packed away.

So, we begin at 11AM and go to 5PM. Get paid in TroyShares for 1, 2 or more hours.

1). Clean, sort and pack up church items.

2).  Sort things into boxes to go live elsewhere.

3). Clean and sort what we keep. Clean and abel cabinets. etc. Figure out what we need and make a list.

4). Not yet, but taking names to strip old tile floor. I understand it is probably not asbestos but will verify, don't worry. Then, I need people with goggles and ice choppers to scrape up and place in boxes as much of the tile as possible. We don't need to go under stove... Then the cost of a new floor is MUCH less. A new floor! Yay!