Oakwood Kitchen Make-over

Hi All,

This Saturday is the day. If you were going to cook in this kitchen, how to make it work for YOU! But first, it's heave -ho to useless stuff and redundant items (who needs three punch bowl sets?), and there's a bunch of church stuff that needs to be packed away.

So, we begin at 11AM and go to 5PM. Get paid in TroyShares for 1, 2 or more hours.

1). Clean, sort and pack up church items.

2).  Sort things into boxes to go live elsewhere.

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The wonders of Troy Shares

At first glance, Troy Shares is about exchanging time.  If I help someone for an hour, then someone will help me for an hour.  Troy Shares is that, but it is also so much more. 

Troy Shares is about strengthening communities.  It's about shifting from a situation in which neighbors are strangers, wary of each other, to a situation in which neighbors help each other.  It's about shifting from feeling like we have to do it all ourselves to opening ourselves up to receiving help. 

Requests for assistance

As many of you know, I have amassed a small fortune in time-bank bucks.  The value of these to the community is less if they are not passed on to create flow of wealth. To help in that process, I am developing a series of calls for folks to grab time. Here is a list of things for which I need assistance .  

One Evening In Troy

After loosing another two pounds of sweat at African dance class in downtown Troy (thank you Emily), I walked two blocks down State street to the Hudson river where an amazing  breeze and blaze of sunlight met me to dry the sweat off of me and the river calm and here comes a couple paddling kayaks upriver and the trees on the far shore and the seagulls wheeling above calling for the ocean and

Let's post an explanation of the role of TroyShares in a person's life and times and why it makes life easier and the city more

A lot of explanation of the role of TroyShares in a person's life and times and why it makes life easier and the city more resilient.
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